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Highlights from the launch include:

  • Robert Frost interviewed by fellow Library Consultant in Poetry Randall Jarrell in 1959;
  • Gwendolyn Brooks giving her opening reading as the last Consultant in Poetry (the position succeeded by Poet Laureate Consultant in Poetry) in 1985;
  • Kurt Vonnegut giving a lecture in the Library’s historic Coolidge Auditorium in 1971;
  • The Academy of American Poets’ 35th-anniversary program in 1969, featuring readings by Elizabeth Bishop, Robert Lowell, Allen Tate, and others;
  • Nobel Laureate Czeslaw Milosz reading with Paul Muldoon in 1991.


What is a motionpoem?

Co-founded by animator/producer Angella Kassube and poet Todd Boss, Motionpoems, Inc., is a nonprofit production company that turns great contemporary poems into short films. We introduce America's best video artists to America's best living writers, step aside, then make the resulting films free to subscribers. Our films (all in glorious hi-def) screen at film festivals, art cinemas, libraries, museums, schools, bookstores ...

We do it because we love it.


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