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2017-2018 Budget Advocacy

2017 Library Budget Story

The St. Croix Falls Library budget was cut by $15,000 in the 2017 City of St. Croix Falls budget.
Sadly, this impacts everything we do, from the books, movies, audiobooks, magazines we offer to the
hours worked by librarians. We will not replace one of our favorite librarians, Leah when she heads
off to college this fall. As a result, we are shortening hours to make up for less paid staff.
Below is more information about our budget spending. We are asking the City Council to reinstate
the $15,000 for the 2018 budget. That amount is .0082% of the entire city budget. If you want to
help, please contact City Council Members and let them know how important a fully funded library is
to the quality of life in our community.
Thank You!  Questions?  Sarah Adams, Library Director 715-483-1777

The St. Croix Falls Library’s mission focuses on four areas;
•    A multi-format collection of popular and informational materials
•    Literacy programs & materials for families and children
•    Community Center
•    Technology education & resources

How does the library budget support these mission areas?

Materials Collection spending is below state standards. Collection size is below state standards.
Currently and over the last 10 years, the library budget has not supported the Collection Mission

Literacy Programs and materials have been developed through state and federal grants written by
library staff. The library budget increased personnel spending to hire a part time youth services
librarian in 2011 for 20 hrs/week. That position has expanded to 34 hrs/week. Budget spending on
personnel, currently meeting state standards, is directly tied to the quality and variety of
service we offer our residents. Compromising this line item has direct impact on all other service
areas, including the hours the library is open.

Community Center The library is a $2.8 million investment– private investment was $1.8 and City of
St. Croix Falls investment was $960,000 or about 35% of the total cost. The annual budget is split
between the City of St. Croix Falls and Polk/adjacent Counties. That split is approximately City -
57% County - 36% with some additional funding through fees, fines and donations.  So, the initial
investment for the City was proportionally small and the on- going
investment is just over half of the operating costs. To continue to reduce the City’s investment in
the library as a community asset and resource will negatively impact the physical facility, will
communicate to residents a disregard for publicly invested multi-use space and could potentially
increase capital investments necessary to the building overtime.

Technology Resources Failing to understand and support new technologies within the building also
limits the initial investment made by the City of St. Croix Falls. It lowers the appeal,
functionality and thus reduces any competitive edge compared to other similar facilities in
neighboring communities. Having a state of the art community meeting room translates into
destination meetings held here which impacts positively on our business community.